Month: February 2019

1.The organization struggle to uplift the general people who are backward in every circumstances like socially, economically, politically and so on.

2. To maintain the overall development of the farmers, if assist economically and technically. It further help to drag them to follow the modern or scientific system of agriculture.

3. It assists to develop the small-scale industry, eradicate the employment problems and engage the people by providing sufficient tools for better production.

4. It helps to maintain the environment by making use of minimum natural means and resources for the sustainable development with the maximum peoples participation.

5. To conduct and maintain the inhabitants of rural settlement, sanitation, improvement of their day-to-day life, development of natural sources or advance development are some of the people’s welfare program.

SOPAN carries out its activities by generating funds from different sources. SOPAN accepts grants from various national and international organizations or individuals in a way that does not compromise its vision, mission and objectives In future, SOPAN plans to work in collaboration with different national and international organizations and individuals in the spirit of partnership.

In 2010, it has organized agro- training to the farmers of Nalang-8, Dhading for bee farming. For this 9 farmers of the ward were involved. Nepal Agriculture Research Council has provided trainers for this project. SOPAN had coordinated the program by gathering youths from Dhading to Kathmandu. Now the farmers are engaged in bee farming. One month long training was also another effective program of the organization.

In 2009, SOPAN has organized an inter-college youth workshop on “Rural Development and its scope” in Tri-Chandra Multiple campuses. 30 students from different 10 colleges were involved in the workshop and gave workshop reports to Tribhuwan University.

In 2008, SOPAN has organized General health camp related to eye and women reproductive health in Nalang VDC, Dhading. More than 300 patient got benefit from the health camp. For this “Friendship for Development and Peace (FDP)- Nepal had provided financial support and “Lions Club of Kathmandu” gave Technical assistance. It was conducted in 2065 Bhadra 29.

SOPAN had been organized inter school oratory competition in 2064-06-06 at Vishwabhasha Campus, Kathmandu. The topic of the competition was “Role of education in poverty alleviation”. 45 students from different 25 schools are involved in the competition. The chief guest of the program was Mr. Mohan Man Sainju (Vice-chairman of poverty alleviation fund).

In the year of establishment 2007 AD, it was a great opportunity for SOPAN as a first program. We have coordinate skill development training related to sewing, weaving, making candles and incense. For this program “Nepal Charkha Pracharak Gandhi Tulasi Smarak mahaguthi”has been provided technical support, shelter, lodging and fooding for two years. For this SOPAN has gathered 10 women from different communities, gave orientation class and admitted in Tulsi Mehar Gandhi Smarak Ashram for two years. Out of 10 women, 7 had been completed two years complete package. 5 women started sewing and weaving center as their own business.

Tulsa Meher Shrestha is the founder of “Nepal Charkha Pracharak Gandhi Tulasi Smarak mahaguthi” the first social non-governmental organization (NGO) in Nepal. The Mahaguthi was initially “Shree Chandra Kamdhenu Charkha Pracharak Mahaguthi” established in 1926 AD (Baisakh 1st 1983B.S.). It is the pioneer social organization in Nepal established to protect and uplift untouchables, helpless, neglected and distressed people in general and destitute women in particular. The benevolent social reformer inspired from the value and importance of non-violence, self-reliance and truth of the Gandhian philosophy. From the very young age he was a supporter of democracy and humanitarian.

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