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Deusi Bhailo Event –a Fund Raising Program

SOPAN organized Deusi Bhailo event fund raising and cultural program at time of Tihar in October 2014. Deusi Bhailo event is a regular fund raising program of SOPAN started since 2007 from its establishment. SOPAN has been practicing this event also as approach to reach the public through cultural and religious event Tihar one of major festival celebrated in Nepal. Every year SOPAN organizes event where all distinguished members and volunteers of SOPAN move together giving special request letter to play the Deusi and Bhailo. As one of objective of the event is to collect to fund to support of program SOPAN but major part is gather sentiments of public and community members towards the organization and inform about good deeds through this important event in the form of song and other event .This event is done in Kathmandu valley targeting periphery area.

The Deusi Bhailo program is regular fundraising program of SOPAN. Under charity program SOPAN has been conducting Deusi Bhailo Program annually.

Objective of Deusi Bhailo Program

  • To raise the fund to provide skill development training and run employment and entrepreneurship based activities planned and conducted by SOPAN
  • To gather we feeling of public and community towards organization and to impart mission and vision to audience
  • To support for underprivileged women and youth especially in rural and semi urban area of Kavre, Dhading, Bajhang, Ilam and Nuwakot

We commit followings

  • Totally targeted to support underprivileged people supporting them to be self- employed and developing skilled manpower.
  • Truly selfless; dedicated for people or towards motivating them to be proactive citizens and entrepreneurs
  • An example of how can we run programs through voluntary sharing of resources
  • Belief of active participation in charity show and support for raising the funds each individually through participation.


In 2009, SOPAN has organized an inter-college youth workshop on “Rural Development and its scope” in Tri-Chandra Multiple campuses. 30 students from different 10 colleges were involved in the workshop and gave workshop reports to Tribhuwan University.

Health camp

In 2008, SOPAN has organized General health camp related to eye and women reproductive health in Nalang VDC, Dhading. More than 300 patient got benefit from the health camp. For this “Friendship for Development and Peace (FDP)- Nepal had provided financial support and “Lions Club of Kathmandu” gave Technical assistance. It was conducted in 2065 Bhadra 29.

Skill development program

In the year of establishment 2007 AD, it was a great opportunity for SOPAN as a first program. We have coordinate skill development training related to sewing, weaving, making candles and incense. For this program “Nepal Charkha Pracharak Gandhi Tulasi Smarak mahaguthi”has been provided technical support, shelter, lodging and fooding for two years. For this SOPAN has gathered 10 women from different communities, gave orientation class and admitted in Tulsi Mehar Gandhi Smarak Ashram for two years. Out of 10 women, 7 had been completed two years complete package. 5 women started sewing and weaving center as their own business.

Tulsa Meher Shrestha is the founder of “Nepal Charkha Pracharak Gandhi Tulasi Smarak mahaguthi” the first social non-governmental organization (NGO) in Nepal. The Mahaguthi was initially “Shree Chandra Kamdhenu Charkha Pracharak Mahaguthi” established in 1926 AD (Baisakh 1st 1983B.S.). It is the pioneer social organization in Nepal established to protect and uplift untouchables, helpless, neglected and distressed people in general and destitute women in particular. The benevolent social reformer inspired from the value and importance of non-violence, self-reliance and truth of the Gandhian philosophy. From the very young age he was a supporter of democracy and humanitarian.

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