Social Organization for Poverty Alleviation Nepal (SOPAN) is a non-profit and non-governmental social organization established by a group of energetic youths representing various health and social sciences disciplines in 2007 A.D.

It was started with a vision to work on the principle of equity, social and economic justice, and people’s empowerment. Hence, SOPAN deals with the primitive aspects of agriculture, poverty, gender, and social inclusion in an integrated way. SOPAN works for the protection of human rights and advocates for economic empowerment through advocacy, lobbying, campaign, and raising social and gender consciousness.

SOPAN ventures to be a voice for the voiceless and conscientization for the oppressed in the matter of economic justice. It believes working with the people in the time of creating opportunities is not only philanthropic action but also a human rights-based approach.

SOPAN is registered under Nepal Government, District Administration Office Kathmandu.

(762/063/064) and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council (21362).


The efforts to create a new Nepal where the economic and social rights of the people would be inclusive, affluent, sustainable, and accessible.


To work as an innovative organization in the economic and social sector and be promoter and protector of human rights of the people focusing on economic and social justice to make gender-sensitive by offering its services, especially to those who are jeopardized from exercising the rights.


  • To help mainstream the issues of social and economic rights into national development policy, planning, and programs.
  • To work with the group, irrespective of any religion, sex, caste, tribe, class, gender race, and political ideologies in all those sectors, which are directly or indirectly concerned with economic injustice and excluded
  • To work focusing especially on raising and enhancing access to economic and social justice of vulnerable groups especially women, adolescents, disabled population, old aged population and issues of marginalized ethnics and gender minorities, Dalits, and other deprived population.
  • To work during disasters, natural calamities, and epidemics.
  • To suggest the concerned authorities based on the studies and research and regarding the improvement of the public health services as per the changing economic and employment policy
  • To recommend the appropriate authorities for the necessary action against any unlawful activities affecting the economic and social rights of people.
  • To work in the good governance sector to create pressure in ensuring sustainable economic and employment policy.

Prioritized Issues/working areas

  • Human Right, Social Justice, Democratic Governance and Peace Building
  • Social Protection
  • Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI)
  • Education and Youth Development
  • Public Health/ Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Mental Health, Psychosocial Services
  • Private Sector, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship
  • Employment-Based Generation Program for women, disabled people jeopardized and youth affected from armed and social violence
  • Research and Development
  • Good Government and Social Accountability
  • International Volunteer Service program (SEVA)
  • Crisis and Emergency
  • Information, Education, and Communication (IEC)

Working Modality

Planning for Participatory Program (PPP)

SOPAN believes that all activities need to be planned with special consideration for the active participation of people in the planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of the project.

Human Right based approach

SOPAN activities are focused on respecting the inherent human rights of people, as reflected in international human rights instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UHDR). It believes that it is worthless to initiate development projects unless people are made aware of their rights & duties and assess the needs of the people and citizens.

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