An open forum for Youth to discuss contemporary Area and Shared Learning Forum

In order to provide information and create a shared learning environment based on the LIA (Learn to Engage and Initiate) Approach developed by SOPAN as a key approach, SOPAN developed the concept of COFFEE BAR Program where youth themselves select the topic of their interest try to relate with contemporary issues such unemployment, mass poverty, sustainable development on the hand through

Forum since it is also shared learning from for youth they also share their experiences and learning in the forum which is termed as skill transfer session under COFFEE BAR Project which is carried under the leadership of youth only and both facilitator and participants are youth. Further, the COFFEE BAR project is an open project in which SOPAN intends to reach out to both governments, Boarding schools of rural,

urban and semi-urban communities of Nepal. The organization initiated this concept to make youth, adolescents studying in college be

sensitized about the contextual and contemporary issues which have an impact on their community and society and also motivate them to share their innate and gained skills so that they can help other youth like them to be creative, skillful and knowledgeable and sharer which can be established as a sharing and learning cycle among youth and community.

5.1.1 Objectives:

  1. To create the environment of discussion, being peer educator through sharing skills and knowledge gained by youth to others youths
  • To develop the system of skill and knowledge transfer through event based forum where youth will opportunity to explore issue, put their argument be inform about various contemporary issues
  • To enhance the public speaking skills and analyze the background and impact of discussed issue as a problem

Major achieved outcomes/results

  • The program has provided opportunities to share, learn and engage in organizing and coordinating program
  • This is youth led concept by the youth, for the youth and with youth especially
  • The participants are aware and informed about contemporary issues and develop key strategy to address issues faced by them and community.
  • It has been established as a hub of youth and interested individual to share their knowledge and learn from each other’s in shared learning environment.

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