Building  of  Temporary  Learning  Center  for Community School by SEVA Volunteer

Volunteers of SOPAN successfully build 3 temporary learning centers at Shree Kuwa Pani Devi primary School, Naubise VDC-5, Dhading Districts, Chandradaya Primary School, Kavre, and Balkumari Primary School at Lalitpur. The built school was handover after completion of reconstruction. All temporary learning centers were built in coordination and involvement of school authorities, volunteers political parties representatives, and local community peoples. In the reconstruction of this school, there were mobilized 30 volunteers of SOPAN.

The temporary learning centers were reconstructed by collecting available local materials in community and school, tin roof. Different individuals, students were supported by providing logistics materials, financial support, labor, and other required support during the reconstruction of those schools. This Learning center was built of Chandrajyoti Primary School at Basdole VDC Kavre, dated 8th Asadh till 12th Asash and handover to the school management committee by SOPAN. The school was built in support of Goldengate International College.

At first school above picture was demolished and then build a temporary learning center in the same building using available materials bamboo. The below picture is a new temporary learning center built by SOPAN. During this reconstruction of the school, more than 70 volunteers students volunteers were engaged daily for five days.

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