SEVA (Service Enrichment for Volunteer Action)

SEVA is a volunteer mobilization program to encourage and invite as many international volunteers as possible to improve this situation, while they are experiencing the rich culture, natural splendor, and daily life of Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. SEVA is nothing but offering one’s skills through volunteerism, competence, knowledge, and resources full-heartedly for the purpose of others’ needs without any expectation of return. Traditionally, though, voluntary work is viewed as a selfless deed that is done for others’ good, today’s voluntary work is a little different and taken as helping others along with aiming to get something for their own. None of them are wrong because there is always an exchange of knowledge, skills, competence, and resources between two people, and hence this program is named SEVA which any volunteer with a good heart volunteers for good purpose.

  • To mobilize volunteers for progress of the community through engagement of youths and adolescents.
  • To increase the skill of volunteers and create awareness and sensitization through volunteer engagement in the sectors health, education, environment, human right, child rights, GBV, gender and mental /psychosocial issues.
  • To promote volunteerism in the international and local communities

Outcome/Achievements of SEVA

SEVA program is a volunteer mobilization program of SOPAN, started to strive for excellence by helping marginalized people in Nepal and schools of rural communities to improve their sanitation, hygiene, and teaching approaches and orienting them with skill-oriented learning promoting volunteerism. Community outreach programs will continue to be implemented as the driving force behind our goal of empowerment, and with the help of youths studying social work.

Furthermore, as its major achievements SOPAN have been able to mobilize more than 200 national youth volunteers, involve them in community-building activities and earthquake recovery program i.e AAWAS Project which is being implemented to provide voluntary support and logistics support to build temporary shelters, learning shelters, and provide psychosocial support. Likewise, SOPAN has been involving international volunteers in different programs who are interested to volunteer with the organization in a leadership training program and youth exchange program of SOPAN organized at the different times The organization is giving access to volunteers mainly in following activities .

  • Participation in Youth Leadership Program, seminar and workshop
  • Volunteer in School
  • Awareness program for youth/community/women and children on health, hygiene and sanitation
  • Sanitation work Camp in School
  • Teaching at School
  • Volunteering during epidemic/pandemic

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